About Us

Founded in 2022, Insight Guide is a privately owned, impact-driven software company with no debt and no outside investors. Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform is designed to engage association members with their industry suppliers while generating a new stream of non-dues revenue for the association.

The Insight Guide team is made up of former Higher Logic teammates. The company was founded and created by Andy Steggles who also co-founded Higher Logic. His right-hand technical partner and CTO is Rick Schott (former Principal Architect and Senior Manager of Software Engineering at Higher Logic). Conor Sibley (former CTO of Higher Logic) is also acting as an adviser to the Insight Guide board. Our team is augmented by designers in Europe as well as developers in India.

Andy Steggles

CEO & Founder

Rick Schott


Denise Gavilan

Marketing & Communications

Conor Sibley

Board Advisor

Amanda Dodrer

Customer Success

Insight Guide is an impact-driven organization and donates 1% of all in-platform subscription sales to Autism Speaks.

Our Values

Customer First

Customer First We are 100% customer focused and are fully committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure our customers receive the value they are looking for.


Innovation is not a one time effort. It’s iterative and it’s in our DNA.


Our integrity is who we are and complements our steadfast commitment to Trust and Transparency with every aspect of our organization.


We LOVE associations, the industry and the people who work for them.

Mutual Success

Our customers are our partners and we are committed to do whatever it takes to ensure they are successful with our platform.

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Ready to get started?

Leading the way toward better engagement
Setting up with minimal staff involvement
Branding to match your association
Integrating into third party systems (AMS/CRM etc)
Our launch package includes: