Creating a New Category of Member Engagement

Hello insightguide

Goodbye Buyer’s Guides and Vendor Directories.

Insight Guide is a business marketplace platform designed to engage members with industry-focused suppliers while generating non-dues revenue for your association, and providing highly qualified leads to industry suppliers.

Delivering Value for all Stakeholders


Non-Dues Revenue & Exhibitor/Sponsor Lead Generation


Industry Focused Solution Center with Exclusive Member Benefits.


Highly Qualified
Lead Generation with Measurable ROI


We’re bringing your association a modern member benefit, new revenue stream and greater relevance to it’s industry partners.

The Problems

Associations need to diversify their revenue streams.

Members need to find the best solution for their industry specific problems.

Suppliers want to be connected with the right member prospects.

The Solution

Insight Guide is a platform designed to generate a new source of revenue for associations.

Industry suppliers are provided highly qualified leads in a way that benefits both members and suppliers.

Members are provided a platform which enables them to easily find the best possible solution to help them perform their job.

Our Obsessive Focus

Amazing user
Significant source of non-dues revenue

Incredible customer service

Simplicity – we make it easy

Exclusive member benefits

Measurable success for all stakeholders

New Benefits for Members

Insight Guide helps your members identify the best industry solutions

New Benefits for Suppliers

Insight Guide helps your members identify the best industry solutions

Measurable Lead Generation

Direct Messaging with Members

Brand Awareness & Industry Recognition

Suppliers can



For small associations which don’t have a membership database to connect to. Does not include single sign-on (SSO) or identity management.


For medium/large size associations. Includes AMS/CRM integration with single sign-on and identity management.


Includes everything in the Standard plan, plus we take ownership of selling the listings on your behalf.

Ready to get started?

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Ready to get started?

Leading the way toward better engagement
Setting up with minimal staff involvement
Branding to match your association
Integrating into third party systems (AMS/CRM etc)
Our launch package includes: