Credit Card Payments for Insight Guide

If you have a credit card statement that has Insight Guide on it, then the fee is normally to pay for a Marketplace Listing on an Association website or User Group. Insight Guide provides branded marketplace platforms for industry-specific suppliers to showcase their listing on what is typically an association-specific marketplace. For example, if you were targeting Talent Management professionals within the Human Resources industry, then you may want your company listing within this specific website which is powered and managed by Insight Guide: or if you were in the Higher Education focused vertical, you may pay to have your company listed in here: or if you were in the food service industry, you may want to be listed here:

Any payments that are disputed will immediately result in the permanent suspension of the respective listing on the given marketplace. If you are unsure or would like further clarification, please email or call the owner of Insight Guide, Andy Steggles on 917.664.7218 and we’ll be happy to assist.

Note: To date, Insight Guide has NEVER had a disputed charge and we will do everything possible to ensure it stays that way.

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